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    Smart list report not capturing data from filled in form

    Carmen Wong

      Hi, I created a smart list to capture all the leads who filled in the form.


      So I added the following filters (screenshot attached):

      First I tried with only the Filled Out Form filter - it didn't work

      Then, I tried to add in another filter Member of Program - when someone filled in the form, their status will be changed to EM 05 Entered Comp (as you can see from the screenshot).

      > when I added in the second filter, I changed the Smart List rule logic to (use ANY )


      None are capturing.


      I have another smart list to capture all those who clicked on links in the email. This one is capturing the leads. (screenshot 2)


      I'm not sure what went wrong with the form smart list.

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          Grégoire Michel

          The "filled out form" should be enough. It's likely that your webpage and /or date of activity contraint is limiting the search and that you are retrieving no record.


          So, start by removing these 2 constraints and see whether you get some records. Make sure that you fill out that form yourself and look again. If you see your own lead in the list, then it works and the isuue is not in the smart list itself but rather because you are querying the wrong criteria.



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