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Best way/process to validate and update lead info?

Question asked by 1341a6c2579ca74a95bf1d24503c588e24c94a25 on Feb 14, 2017
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I have been thinking the best way for my team to validate and update new lead info in Marketo. I have a bunch of forms for different products and one main form for our corporate website. This general form gets a lot of info, daily, and usually we have all kinds of requests, from job applications to partnership invitations to real customers.


I want to get the best info from these leads, but I have found that many people don't like to leave their work email or their real phone. It's usually one or the another. I dont want to discard them, I rather to contact them by phone or email and ask for further information if they are really interested, which has been a constant case - anyway I would have a couple of guys on my team to check these new leads, but they are not very Marketo savvy, so I'm trying to think of an easy way for them to update the most basic lead info.


I though about a private form only for them that triggers a smart campaign to update certain details, has anybody done this? is it a good idea?


Obviously, the "easiest" option would be to teach them to use Marketo, but there are other issues - permissions, auto updates, different campaigns, etc. that I think would make it difficult for them.


Any other options?