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    Purposeful duplicates via form submissions

      Hey Marketo Community,


      We have several Marketo Forms in use to create new Marketo Leads. When an existing Marketo Lead submits through these Forms, there are fields that cannot be synced correctly back to SFDC as they are already converted and these fields only exist on the Lead Object, not the Contact Object.


      We want to intentionally create duplicate Marketo Leads when this occurs so they can in turn create new SFDC Leads and sync all relevant information to SFDC for our Salespeople.


      One workaround we're attempting is to replace the standard email address field on these forms with a duplicate email field. Upon form submission, we could clone the field value from the duplicate email field to the standard email address field.


      Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we can facilitate this? It seems like a webhook could support this trigger based request. When defining the:

      • webhook template with: {{lead.Form Email Duplicate}},
      • response attribute as result,
      • Marketo field as email,


      the response generated is: "{"errorMessage":"ERR: Compile error (strict mode): SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL"}".

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          Sanford Whiteman

          Hey Daniel!


          A few things:


          1. Marketo restricts changing the Email field (specifically that field) directly in a webhook response.  You can map the response to another field, then use Change Data Value.


          2. But you can actually do this task in a Flow alone, no need for the 'Boost. Use Change Data Value with the {{lead.Form Email Duplicate}}.


          3. The FB syntax you would use is:


          2017-02-14 13_53_43-Marketo _ Webhooks • Admin.png


          4. Thread should be in Products.

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              Hey Sanford,


              Thanks for you response. I setup the webhook template just like you had and now I understand the error message due to the webhook constraints.


              The change data value Flow step works correctly, but it still changes the email address for an existing record rather than a NULL value as visitors to this Form have previously been cookied. Do you know of a workaround so that we can create purposeful duplicates for individual Forms? I understand Marketo support can do this for us for all Forms, however purposeful duplicate record creation would be problematical for us when someone is updating their email preferences. We only want to apply this to a set of individual Forms intended to create Leads for our Sales team.


              Thanks for your guidance.