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    Trying to send an email 1 hour before a webinar starts


      I'm trying to set up a smart campaign to send an email to registered people 1 hour before a webinar starts. *Note: I don't have the events and webinars module so I'm doing this with a normal program with a channel I created.


      I have a token with the webinar date (no option to create datetime) and I'm using a "Wait" type: Date Token, End on: {{my.Webinar Date}} , Time 10AM  but I have 3 problems with this.

           1. I can't select plus or minus hours in End on, only days, so it cannot be automated for all webinars as I have to select an specific time and not all the webinars are at the same time.

           2. Even selecting the time manually, if the webinar is at 11.30 for example, it won't work because I can only select o'clock hours.

           3. Even if the date/time has passed, it goes through the wait and send the email. Which means that if someone register less than 1 hour before the webinar or even on demand, they will still receive the email saying that it will start in one hour.


      I have a field with the date/time they registered (using {{system.datetime}}), is there any way I can compare dates in the smart list so it only goes through if he/she registered more than 1 hour before an specified date/time?


      Any suggestion?


      Thanks in advanced.