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    How to combine UTM token with anchor link?



      Is it possible to combine a UTM tracking token (eg utm_source=marketo) with an anchor link (eg #pic2)? It doesn't seem to work from what I've tested so far as the anchor link needs to be the very last section in the URL, but the UTM tracking token needs to be last section as well.


      For example if my URL is: www.website.com/stories#pic2/{{my.UTM-Encoding}}&utm_content=campaign1


      It won't scroll to the #pic2 anchor link, but the UTM tracking is fine.


      I can't make the URL like this either because it'll treat it as an invalid URL: www.website.com/stories/{{my.UTM-Encoding}}&utm_content=campaign1#pic2


      Does anyone know how the syntax should work?