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    Email Insights dashboard

    Jamie Barclay

      Can you tell me if the Open Rate and the Click-to-Open rate are for unique leads or is it cumulative over a given period of time?


      Also why would the "total delivered" be higher than the "Total Sent"



      Thank you

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          Devraj Grewal



          The "Open Rate" and "Click-to-Open" rate tiles represent the email activity for any filters you have in place. The red and green colors represent the difference compared to the time period you have indicated in the top right (Custom & Previous period). If you click the calendar date range in the top right, you can uncheck "Compare" and you will then see the overall "Open Rate" and "Click-to-Open" rate not specific to a certain time period.


          As for total delivered being higher than total sent, I'm thinking perhaps it is including resends? So maybe it only counted one send, but for a resend, it could count both being delivered eventually.

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