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Issue with submitting form

Question asked by 189bd7a114207dc15cbc8170f91b86dee133442b on Feb 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by aa8631740a9e13982d636c25ff143f34b764b481

Hi all,


Is anyone having troubles with submitting forms lately? At least we (Deloitte Netherlands) do.


Case is: someone is trying to fill out a form, clicks on the submit button, but nothing happens. No thank you page, and in the activity history on that lead doesn't show anything.

The page stucks at the landing page (form). It has nothing to do with smart campaigns that by accident are not activated.


Our assumption is that it has something to do with versions of web browsers, and that Marketo is not covering all versions.


The problem seems to get bigger, since we are getting more feedback on this from people who are trying to submit a form.


Please contact me if you are having the same issues, or if you have an idea how to solve this.

Marketo on their side are not very helpfull in this one, unfortunately...