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    Transition Rules - Nurture Program

    Kristina Schroffel



      Here's my dilemma and want some perspective please.


      I have 5 streams currently that are the introduction to my nurture program they are segmented based on job title. As the next phase I want to go into industry, however curious what is the better approach:


      • After the initial 5 streams should I create a transition rule that triggers based on the last email being delivered then move to the second phase stream that is based on industry of the email subscriber.
      • Or should I create this a different way for example create a whole new stream in addition to the initial 5 streams and factor in industry already and add more emails to the content flow


      Not sure if I am thinking through all the options and would love some advice on what's the better long-term solution. Eventually in phase three I plan to segment by behavior too.



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          Devraj Grewal



          Each engagement program has a maximum of 15 streams, so keep this in mind. As for the transition between streams, I actually prefer an outside smart campaign with the flow step of "change engagement program stream" as this allows you to run a batch whereas transition rules require a trigger.


          This then allows you to make choice conditions for the "change engagement program stream:

               Choice 1: If industry is computer hardware

                    change stream: computer hardware stream

               Choice 2: if industry is software

                    change stream: software stream

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