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    Collect all the data of my form


      Hi everybody,


      In Marketo, I created a landing page with a form to fill with the objective to be able to collect the data of the person who has filled the form.

      But, in my form, I have other fields like "let a comment", unfortunately for some reasons I cannot access that data as it does not show up in my "lead report" for the smart campaign "fills out the form". So I can collect the name of the lead, the company, the mail address, but not the comments, whereas it's very important for me.


      Do you ave any ideas how I can recover all data of the fields that get filled in my form ? ( I receive the answer of the field in an email, but not in the Marketo Interface)

      Moreover, do you know if this issue is fixed, if it will synchronize with Salesforces and we can have all the data appear there too? Or if not, what do I have to do to make it happen.


      Thank you so much for your help

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          Josh Hill

          Check the Form and find out what field Comments is connected to. The answer will lead you down the correct path.


          • Comments or Description in SFDC may = Person Notes in Marketo. There's a doc on this recently posted.
          • Could be another field.
          • Yes, you can sync or make it sync. There are a lot of threads on this.
          • You can add it to your smart list View. See doc on that.
          • No, you cannot see a list of all the data submitted with a form unless you go to the individual's log history. So you are on the right path.
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            Juli James

            What field did you use on your form for the comments?  When you know that field you can add it to the viewed fields in your smart list for 'filled out form'.  And then you can see if that field is also sync'd to your CRM if you want others to see the comments.