HIRING: SportsEngine SEO Expert

Discussion created by 26682cbbad8032c4133f64532215f3e441de8ba9 on Feb 6, 2017

I'm excited our SportsEngine marketing team is hiring an SEO fanatic. Please share share share! This person needs to be an utter SEO and Google Analytics geek. They should be unashamed about how much time they spend pouring over keyword reports!


Although they'll be in marketing, they'll work with our UX, Development, and Product teams to optimize our products so Google loves them. We're in the process of building the world's biggest, more awesome youth sports portal with NBC Sports, and we need an SEO expert to make sure it rocks (from the search perspective)! They'll also make sure the marketing content we create and curate actually answers the questions for which the massive youth sports audience is searching.




Share this with everyone. We've also got craft beer on tap in the office... if SEO alone isn't reason enough to apply.