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    SFDC APEX TIME OUT Error Caused by a Managed Marketo Apex Trigger: mkto_si.RemoveInterestingMomentLinebreaksContact

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      I have a Salesforce Process that automatically changes a Contact's Owner to match the Account Owner upon Account Owner Change.


      This process seems to be getting tripped up by a Marketo Trigger from the Marketo Sales Insights Managed Package, but I cannot see the code behind it to troubleshoot. Here is the error message I get:

      "UPDATE --- UPDATE FAILED --- ERRORS : (CANNOT_INSERT_UPDATE_ACTIVATE_ENTITY) mkto_si.RemoveInterestingMomentLinebreaksContact: System.LimitException: Apex CPU time limit exceeded"

      Anyone have any work around for this? I am just updating ~100 account records so I'm not sure why this would be timing out.