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    Landing Page and Email Development Agency/Freelance

    Darrell Alfonso

      Hi Marketo Community!


      We are looking for a partner to help us with Marketo and wordpress landing page customization and development. Maybe some design involved, we do have in-house designers, the challenging part is converting to responsive HTML, and making the templates editable.


      Any recommendations appreciated , thanks so much.



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          Hello Darrell,


          So happy you asked this question in the forum. I actually work for LeadMD, and we offer really great packages surrounding emails, landing pages, and development. Have your own templates already? No worries, we can easily convert templates to Marketo-ready, mobile responsive powerhouses. We also have a design team at our disposal that can help with any visual adjustments or enhancements needed to your templates, so that they have the maximum impact for your audience. We also provide really awesome training programs!


          And honestly, that's just the tip of this iceberg of what LeadMD can do for you! Check out this link here and reach out to us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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            Hi Darrell,


            Hope you are doing great. At Grazitti, we work with over 50 customers for their Marketo Services and have 27 Certified Marketo Experts and 10+ Designers on staff who help a variety of Marketo customers and partners. I have shared few examples of guided landing pages and Email Templates which we have created. Looking forward to connect on call to understand your requirement in detail.


            Thanks & Regards


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              Chris Johnston

              Hi Darrell, I work with a team of Consultants/Developers who design landing pages every day. Often we take designs from clients and turn them into Marketo responsive designs. Our team is comprised of Marketo Certified Consultants and Marketo Certified Experts so you know that you are getting the best service. You can reach out via e-mail if you'd like to learn more. chris@salytics.com