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    Question about nesting programs outside of engagement programs

    Malik Zafar

      I remember reading on here that it's best practice to have programs nested outside of an Engagement Program, in case you might want to use that program/content for another engagement program simultaneously or in the future.


      My problem is, we use tokens to capture UTM parameters. For example, the UTM_campaign parameter is being captured by a token text value of "nurture-marketing". This is fine if that program is only being added to one engagement program, but what happens if I want to add this program to a new engagement program - how do I adjust the token value to properly reflect whichever engagement program the piece of content is being sent through?


      I hope that makes sense




      Program 1 is added to Engagement Program A and Engagement Program B.


      Program 1 has a token to capture UTM_campaign, which happens to be engagement_program_a. But now, Program 1 is being added to Engagement Program B, but Engagement Program A is still running. However, Program 1 still has "engagement_program_a" set as the utm_campaign token, so that's what will show even if it's coming from Engagement B.


      Typically, in a hierarchy system, the program would inherit the top program's tokens, but since these programs are being nested outside of an Engagement Program, they aren't following that same system.