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    Salesforce Reporting Question on Account Status

    Paul Carpinella

      I know this isn't a Marketo question but I thought someone here might be able to help. I am looking to understand which accounts are in opportunities and which accounts are not in opportunities so I can gain an understanding of account penetration and BDR priorities.


      In an effort to do this, I've created a standard account report. My goal is to pull opportunity name and probaility in to that report so I can quickly see which of the accounts are in opportuniteis and which are not. Is there a way to do this via a workflow or adding an object? Is there way that I might be able to use Marketo for this?




        • Re: Salesforce Reporting Question on Account Status
          Andrew Holstein

          To be clear, you want to know which accounts have open opportunities? I created a custom roll-up field at the account level for # of opportunities. Create a new roll-up field and set the summarized object as Opportunities and roll-up type as count. Then I can create an account report with a filter for accounts with # of opportunities greater than 0. I've found it useful in other situations as well.