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    Contact Status Field

    Denise Greenberg

      I have recently come across 2 fairly new Marketo instances in which there is a Marketo-only "Contact Status" field (but no such field in SFDC). Does anyone know if this is now an "out-of-the-box" Marketo field? I am wondering because in one instance, we wanted Marketo Support to delete the field so that we could create it in SFDC and have it sync over without creating a duplicate field with a "(C)" suffix. However, Support said that this was not among the list of fields they were able to delete.

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          Tim Cerato

          Hi Denise,


          I don't see Contact Status listed as a standard field in Marketo's documentation, nor do I remember seeing it in the past. I also double checked out sandbox and don't see it in there either.


          Two questions:

          • Is it possible that the field is in use
          • Could there have previously been a Contact Status field in SFDC that has been deleted?

          I would recommend checking the field mapping tab of the field management section. The mapping list is a snapshot from the original mapping of the Marketo/SFDC environments. It should show you whether or not the field was initially mapped in the beginning.


          Hope this helps!



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              Denise Greenberg

              Hi Tim -

              I didn't see it in the documentation either but thought there was a possibility it hadn't been updated. Looking at the original field mapping was a good idea and Contact Status was there in both cases so maybe it was once in SFDC and then deleted, as you suggest.


              I wonder why Marketo Support told me they could not delete the field? Oh well... I dropped it because it wasn't worth my time to pursue it. It's just that's partly what made me curious if they had added it as a standard field.


              Thank you for your response!