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[Job Posting] Marketing Automation & Analytics Specialist

Question asked by Amanda Sharples on Jan 26, 2017

Are you insanely focused on data – to the point that your friends worry about you? Do you look at city maps and think “I would have straightened things up more…”? Did you watch The Imitation Game and wonder why it took him so long to build that machine? If so, we have a challenge for you.

Reporting to the Senior Manager, Digital Marketing you will own the data side of our Marketo instance and be responsible for consistent data quality checks and developing a reliable yet flexible reporting process. You thrive in a collaborative environment where you can share your marketing knowledge and thoughts, but are just as effective working on your own and proactively look for ways to become more efficient.


The Marketing Automation & Analytics Specialist (and Marketo Certified Expert) will have two major focuses: 1) analyzing and optimizing our Marketo programs and processes, and 2) working with different teams within the sales and marketing departments to produce clear, concise and bullet proof reporting on related KPIs and metrics.


Being Marketo Certified, you will be able to help implement best practices with respect to asset management, campaign structure & reporting. You will also assist the Senior Manager, Digital Marketing with creating nurture and drip program workflows that feed relevant data/alerts to our sales teams.


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