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    Continuous Acquisition Date "Sync Lead Updates to SFDC" Activities

    Tim Cerato

      Hey Everyone,


      I'm curious to get your input on a strange potential bug that I've come across in a Marketo environment. Earlier this week, in the process of identifying the cause of sync latency, I noticed quite a few "Sync Lead Updates to SFDC" activities with no apparent trigger.  The details on those activities appear to show Marketo consistently re-syncing the Acquisition Date value to SFDC, across thousands of leads, yet the Acquisition Date remains the same each time (See Screenshot Below).


      2017-01-26 13_33_20-Sentosa S. - The Integrity.png

      We put together the following test, in an attempt to verify the bug:

      1. Created lead in Marketo and synced to SFDC - acquisition date 1/25
      2. Changed acquisition date to 1/26 in SFDC @4:00 PM on 1/25
      3. New value did not sync back to Marketo
      4. @3:58 AM on 1/26 - Marketo logged a "Sync Lead Update to SFDC" activity, which overwrote the SFDC 1/26 value w/Marketo's 1/25


      Has anyone experienced this issue, or any similar?


      We have two theories:

      1. There's an issue in SFDC that is not writing a sys-mod date to the MKTO71_AcquisitionDate__C field and is causing Marketo to perceive the need to update this field each sync cycle
      2. In this SFDC instance, the MKTO71_AcquisitionDate__C field is a date field, where as Marketo is datetime. There could be a translation issue between the two field types.