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    Filled out form but did not click

    Kelly Schmid

      Hey all! Trying to troubleshoot why this would happen - We recently sent an email and 6 or so people that received the email filled out the form on the landing page within the email. However, Marketo only tracked 1 person as clicking the link. Their activity log simply shows them receiving the email, opening the email and then filling out the form. Why would Marketo not track the clicked link?

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          Balkar Singh

          Hi Kelly,


          Marketo won't track only in case the link was disabled for tracking - however, you do got 1 click tracked. The activities logged aren't very strictly in sequence sometimes. Did you saw the activity to click the link/visit web page after Fill Out Form?




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              Beth Corby

              Hi Kelly!

              I noticed something like this yesterday too as I was troubleshooting with a client. They had a trigger setup that was looking for an email click to the specific landing page. As they were testing they noticed that the click was not registering but there was a Visits Web page in the activity log. So, what we did to fix the problem was add an additional Visits Web page trigger. As Balkar mentions above I think Marketo sometimes needs time to catch up with itself and the activities aren't necessarily always in sequence.

              Also keep in mind that it is always a good idea to test and track within the activity log to see how something is going to work. Hope this was helpful!



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                  Sanford Whiteman

                  Activities are logged in sequence; the variance across servers may be a few seconds, but if you are seeing link clicks represented as happening significantly after pageviews that is very wrong.


                  More likely, the link was not set to be tracked (note in Email 1.0, links in the text part of emails are not tracked by default).  Or else you have a bug in your instance worth of a support case; this isn't normal behavior.

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