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    Sync with Marketo

    Theresa Anderson

      We have experienced a lead from Marketo syncing to the contact object in Salesforce.com but on the account record 'Synch with Marketo' is false.  How can Marketo by pass the checkbox?  Sales Insight remains active.


      Thank you.

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          Beth Corby

          Hi Theresa - Did you check the the activity log of the record in Marketo? That will help give insight into how it got synced.

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            Jamie Maynard

            Hi Theresa!


            To add on to Beth's suggestion, which is a great place to start, can you help us better understand your specific scenario?


            Here's what I gather from your question:

            • You have a custom sync filter set up in Salesforce that, when marked true, syncs contacts to Marketo. All contacts that have this marked as "false" do not come over.
            • A lead record in Marketo gets updated. Those updates synch to the contact in SFDC, despite the checkbox being false. For example, if the lead fills out a form and changes his name from James to Jim, the field is getting updated on the contact.


            Am I understanding that correctly? To clarify, is your custom sync filter on the contact or the account?