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    Best practice in Geographic segmentation

    Mitchell Kennedy-Stillman

      Hey Marketo family,


      I was hoping to get some insight from the community as to how you manage your nurture campaigns for multiple geographic segments?


      To cater to different time zones I have previously set up campaigns like below. Last year this worked without problem, but not this year sadly with a loss of reporting on opens and clicks (Marketo support are currently investigating).


      Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 12.06.04.png


      Is there a better way to manage the nurtures without splitting the campaigns into three? I would like to report on the campaign as a whole if possible.


      Please hit me with any tips, advice, critique or personal experiences. I would love to learn how you all work this.



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          Beth Corby

          Hi Mitchell,


          Can I ask what you mean by splitting the campaigns up into three? I see you have 3 nurture streams setup and that would be tied to one Marketo program. Are you saying you have 3 different Smart Campaigns setup to track engagement within the nurture program or you would rather not have 3 streams?




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            Lauren Beth

            Hi Mitchell - we send to all geographies in one campaign using geographic segmentation and wait steps.  Starting with Australasia, adding a waitstep, send to Asia, waitstep, and so on till everything is sent.  Now if we are sending in multiple languages, those are separate campaigns, but still use geographic segmentation and some wait steps.  For Spanish for example, we set the time frames to specifically hit Spain and then a wait step for Latin American morning hours.

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              Brittany Stover

              Question are the time zones you cater too fields in Salesforce? You could almost set up smart campaigns and have them filtered by time zones. Then you could add wait steps to ensure all emails are sent out at the correct times for the specific time zones.

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                I've done something similar to what Lauren Beth described, although our segmentations were simpler - NA, EMEA and APAC. When sending a campaign to all 3 regions, we set up the flow as follows:


                • If Geography = APAC, send email (campaign would be scheduled for instance at 5pm ET / 9am AEDT)
                • Wait 11 hours
                • If Geography = EMEA, send email (email sends to UK at 4am ET / 9am GMT)
                • Wait 5 hours
                • If Geography = NA, send email (email sends to all of NA at 9am ET)


                You could further break down the NA segment into State or Billing State if you wanted to get more granular, and have each region within NA receive the email at 9am local time.


                As it applies to your Engagement Stream, rather than place the email directly into the stream, you would place the smart campaign into the stream. This would also allow you to add rules into the Smart List portion of the SC to include or exclude the specific audience you want to target with each email.

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                  Mitchell Kennedy-Stillman

                  Thanks for your help team.


                  I think I have uncovered the issue pertaining tracking and it wasn't related to the splitting the send into separate geographic streams.


                  It looks like our email branding domain was removed at some point in the last couple of weeks.


                  Testing again right now but fingers crossed we won't have any further issues.


                  Have a good weekend.