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    Assignment rules

    Sharnel Ross

      Is there a way to assign new leads equally between owners without using a partition? I've tried the random sample flow but it only assigns 50% to the intended owner and the other 50% to "new lead". How can I assign them equally between 2 owners?

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          Devraj Grewal



          In a "Sync Lead to SFDC" flow step, you have the option to select the user that the lead is assigned to. So I would click the "Add Choice" option once so you see the "Choice 1" and "Default Choice" options. In the "Choice 1" select the "If Random Sample is 50%" and have it assign to the first owner. The default choice will be to assign to the second owner. So all leads that run through will be distributed evenly to those two owners. Make sure you clear out "Use Auto-Assignment Rules" out of the "Default Choice" as this is most likely what is causing leads to be assigned to the "New Lead" SFDC owner.

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