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    Senior Marketing Manager(New York)

    Kayleen Duffy


      Keywee is growing fast, and we’re looking for talented marketers to come in at the ground level and help us take our marketing activities to the next level. You will be joining a small team that moves fast, and you’ll  own a substantial portion of our marketing program. You’ll have the freedom — and budget — to plan, experiment, and execute various marketing activities. You will play a significant role shaping the team’s future, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn and grow with the team and the company.

      Main job responsibilities (Or how you might spend your time on a typical day)

      •     Creating sales opportunities: Overall, we are looking for marketers who can help us initiate sales conversations with content marketers around the world, create material that helps during the sales process, and promote the Keywee brand. Your success will mainly be measured on the number of successful sales conversations you contribute to starting.
      •     Powerful content marketing is our passion and mission, so be prepared — and excited — to spend a good chunk of your time leading our content efforts: Ideating, strategizing, creating, and measuring the world’s best content marketing content marketing.
      •     Own marketing channel / activities end-to-end: You’ll be the owner of one (or few) of the marketing channels our team uses to engage prospects and start sales conversations, like webinars, conferences, or content marketing. That means that you’ll be planning, executing and tracking campaigns in the channel, collaborating closely with other Keywee teams like sales and customer success. You’ll craft the strategy for the channel, execute the campaigns, and analyze and optimize the channel using tools like WordPress, Go2Webinar, Salesforce, and Excel.

      Qualifications (or what we’re looking for)

      •      Content marketing / publishing / digital marketing experience (and burning passion): You have worked in content marketing or digital publishing in the past, and you love the space. When you hear Extra Crispy, you think Time magazine — and brunch spots. Your morning commute is spent catching up on Publishers Daily and Adweek.
        B2B software marketing experience is big plus, but not required.
      •      Communication: You’re a wizard of words – both written and said. You probably think this job post is too long, and you might have a few suggestions on how to trim it down. You know how to explain complex concepts in clear, pithy prose, and you cannot wait to write a byline for Digiday about how Facebook native videos will change the way publishers monetize their content.
      •     Organization and detail-obsessiveness: You hate the thought of anything slipping through the cracks. Spreadsheets and words such as “thorough” are your comfort food. Your desk is always organized, and you practice Inbox Zero religiously. You’re ok with making mistakes because that’s how we learn, but you won’t be making the same one twice — thanks to your newly created checklist.
      •    Ambitious, resourceful and gets stuff done, fast: You’ve always taken on more than the official job description. You have a way of making things happen even if it seems impossible – like pulling off a home-cooked dinner party for 30 people with 45 different dietary restrictions at your place at a week’s notice – while making it all seem easy. You’re comfortable with moving fast, making decisions with imperfect data, and learning on your own.
      •      Analytical and tech savvy: You’re not necessarily a coder (though that’d be pretty awesome), but you have experience in WordPress, HTML, CSS, and image editing tools like Photoshop. Your favorite Excel functions are vlookup, pivot tables, and index match, and you’re enamored with the concept of data journalism.


      •      If you see yourself in the above descriptions, we’d love to get to know you better. Please submit a PDF file with your resume and your results for the following exercise:


      Pretend that you work for Keywee and that you’d like to initiate a sales conversation with a fairly large publisher that you think could benefit from our platform. For this exercise:
      Choose a publisher that you think would be a good fit for our platform – and provide us with an explanation as to why you selected that publisher.
      Who would you reach out to at the company, and why?
      Draft a sample email designed to catch his or her attention.
      Assume that you don’t receive a response, and draft your follow-up email as well.

      A few tips:
      * keep in mind that everyone is busy, and marketers at big publishers get *a lot* of inbound junk mail.
      * Your goal is not to “sell a deal.” Rarely, if ever, does a deal close on a cold email… Instead, you are trying to build a relationship, get their attention, create value, and in general, break through all the noise in the inbox and pique interest.

      Please send the PDF file to keywee.mwny@applynow.io