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    Birthday Month Smartlist

      Can anyone assist with a smartlist to find each leads Birthday Month? 


      e.g. if Janes' birthdate is 24 Sep 1975, i'd be able to run a smartlist showing Jane on Birthday Month = September.

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          Kim Allen

          Hi Chantelle,


          This would depend on what fields you are using to capture the information. If you happen to have a birthday month field (maybe if this information is really important to your company) then you could pull the smart list just as you say, with the one filter. BUT most likely I'm guessing you just have a standard date of birth, date type, field. In that case your best bet would probably be an export of your database with that field as a column and just do the work to pull out the month and then put into a custom field and re-import for future use. Then you could add that new field to forms (if it's really important to know) OR put in place a formula in SFDC.