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    Many-to-Many Custom Object for Event Info

    Kim Gandy

      I'm creating a custom object to store event information from Cvent to a registrant's Marketo lead record. I only need to pull event title and registration type; therefore I've created my custom object (event title) and intermediary object (registration type). The next step shows that I need to add link fields to connect my intermediary object to a person/company and a custom object (event title); however I don't need any additional information from Cvent.


      Are link fields necessary? If so, would registration type be a link field?

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Kim,


          The link field should be a unique ID of the event table. The title may work, but in case you have in the future 2 events with the same title that would be a problem, so I would rather use a dedicated ID field.


          Now, if the only thing you really need is the event title, you do not need the event title object. Just having the event title field in the "Registration" (intermediary) object should be enough. And of course, in such a case, this object would no longer be intermediary, since it would only be linked to the lead object


          The model in which you have 2 objects (Event and Registration) is only necessary if:

          • you want to be able to change the event name easily, after the registrations have started
          • you want to log additional information in Marketo about the event such as date, location, etc... information that obviously needs to be managed independently from registrants and registrations.



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