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    New e-mail editor very SLOW

    Kasper Londal



      I had really high expectations to Marketo's new e-mail editor, after they announce they would launch it. But unfortunately, it does not live up to my expectation, at all.

      Every time I want to drag a new element, the loading time is average 20 second before it get displayed in the e-mail. Furthermore, if I then want to drag a new element, it will not drop in the space I want it to.


      When it comes to changing the order of elements, the first change is working, but the second or third element is not getting placed where it supposed to be.


      And if you are working with local variables in your e-mail, you will also discover the editor working very slow. Also when it comes to changing the text in the element, the loading time is 10-15 seconds. Hmm….


      I have been working with a lot of different e-mail editors from other companies, and Marketo is by far the slowest. The loading time should be 0, when you drag elements into the e-mail, or when you want to change the order or changing the text.


      In a company where you are working with newsletters and programs every day, it is really time consuming when the editor loading time is average 20-30 seconds every time you want to change something.


      I really hope Marketo will improve this in the very near future, in order for them to live up to their high standard. Apart from all the above stuff, Marketo is a very powerfull marketing tool.



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          Dory Viscogliosi

          Hey Kasper, have you tried the editor in any other browsers? This is not an issue I've seen before as you're describing it. If you have the same issue on multiple browsers, I'd reach out to support.

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            Carla Wertz

            I'm also using Google Chrome and want to pull my hair out. I'm new to Marketo and the design studio is killing me. I'm coming from Constant Contact, while not a marketing automation platform, the editor is easy and there is no lag time whatsoever. I just lost an entire email that reverted back to the lorem ipsum because it said "email not responding." For the past hour I've been redoing the email and I'm barely halfway finished because I'm clicking "approve and close" every single step of the way so I don't lose it all again.

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              Mark Knight

              ...and nearly two years on and the speed of the email editor 2.0 should be an embarrassment to Marketo.

              I too am facing the same issues of load times (to edit / add or remove modules) - you can be waiting 25-30 seconds for the command to execute its so frustrating. I too expect a instant load time, coming from a far cheaper solution in Dotmailer where i had taken the performance times for granted.


              I will be looking into Gregoire's comments to enhance (thankyou), but i find it incredibly frustrating that software vendors (it would seem) would rather expand their portfolio to include a few more check boxes in the functionality comparison sheet than improve the core performance of the basic modules on which their software is built.


              I also use Chrome.

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                Courtney Grimes

                Hey folks—just a head's up/comment on this: I've definitely run into a few instances where the email editor is exponentially slower than other, typical Marketo instances.


                The reason why? The assets in the email aren't correctly returning. Most commonly this is an incorrect file path for an image/font/etc. This will cause the initial loading of the email editor to take much longer than normal, as Marketo will attempt to preload all of the assets in an email before displaying the editor. It also tends to cause some slowdown in the actual UI itself when editing. If you think your editor is taking longer than it should, open up a debugging tool (such as Chrome Inspector, which can be accessed by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I) and look for any messages in the Console tab that have 404 or similar errors next to them. If a file is misbehaving, correct the path or remove it altogether. Once these issues are addressed, you'll usually see a dramatic improvement in load time and execution.

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