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    Enquiries on Marketo Calendar and Events

      I saw some docs on Marketo's Marketing Calendar and Events feature.



      If I am looking at planning a long-term engagement and recruitment campaign. Can the Marketing Calendar in Marketo support in planning ahead for my campaign? For instance, just blocking out a date for a tentative email campaign or blocking out a week for a TV commercial (not tracked on Marketo).


      Can the Marketing Calendar support collaborative planning, such as discussion on the planned/created marketing activity, and assignment of tasks to members of the team?


      Also, are all Marketo instances supported with the 'Events' feature? I can't seem to create any program with that objective.


      Look forward to hearing from anyone...

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          Courtney Grimes

          Hi Geraldine,


          A lot of what you're describing doesn't happen out-of-the-box, but I have used Calendar successfully in the past to plan out campaigns (and potential conflicts) by scheduling Smart Campaigns to act as date placeholders for various milestones. You just set a filler Smart Campaign with something like "if email address is your email address, run a one minute wait step on tentative date." That way nothing is affected but it's still in your calendar views.


          If your instance is relatively new, I've noticed a bug with newer deployments where sometimes Events just...aren't there? Put in a ticket with Marketo Support and they'll bring the program type back in. You should have it in pretty much every package.


          Overall though if you're looking to do more collaborative work in the Calendar, I'd recommend using a third-party tool in addition to Marketo's calendar: use Marketo for hard deadlines and something else for internal deadlines.

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