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    collecting registrants from a form fill

    David Liu

      Hi all,


      New to Marketo - could anyone provide me some tips on creating a campaign to collect the registrants of a form fill? I set up a campaign and used the trigger "form fill" = form name = x and "web page" = y. Regardless of the flow actions, shouldn't they show up in my results?


      I tried it out with my own name, but no avail. Any advice? Thanks.

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi David,


          You need to activate the smart campaign and make sure that the qualification rules (how many times a given lead can go through the smart campaign) are set correctly.


          But may be what you need is a smart list, that will give you the list of all the people who filled out the form?


          Last but not least, you probably need to take some training as well, so that the basics of smart campaign design are well understood. Some of the online training will cover these objects.



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            Sara Greaves

            Hi David,

            I'm going to echo what Greg said - I think you need a smart list. It sounds like you were trying to use the smart list tab of a smart campaign. You can create a smart list asset on its own by creating a new local asset. In the smart list tab, you would use the filters you mentioned above. You would then look at the "people" tab to find how many people filled out your form. Hopefully that helps!