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    Sync Fields from Cvent > Marketo > Salesforce

    Kim Gandy

      Looking for solutions to sync multiple reoccurring conference fields from Cvent to Marketo to Salesforce, without creating lots of new fields in each platform. Currently, the following fields exist in each platform:


      Cvent MarketoSalesforce
      Event nameEvent name (build)
      Registration typeRegistration type(build)
      Event date(build)(build)


      How could I communicate from Cvent to Marketo, updating the existing field each time a lead registers, but when synced to Salesforce, create an activity log (so info is not replaced, rather added onto)? The sales team needs to be able to see in Salesforce a list of all conferences a lead has participated in, not just most recent.

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Kim,


          Until this idea is implemented, it will be quite difficult. I see 2 solutions:

          1. I would rather try to go from cvent to salesforce campaigns (you can add as many fields as you need in the SFDC campaign object), and then from SFDC to Marketo. But event with the cvent > SFDC > Marketo link, in the second part, some information will not flow
          2. Use a Marketo custom object (although I am not sure cvent can leverage Marketo CO's).



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