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    Workspace for Internal Employees

    Amanda Zoeller

      Good morning,


      My instance has 3 workspaces. We are and have been only using 1 workspace. My company is rolling out an internal survey that they want to use Marketo for. Every 6 months we will automatically send out an email to employees with a link to a survey. I wanted to keep the employee data separate from our customers. I don't have much experience or knowledge with workspaces, but I thought it might be an idea to use one for internal employees?


      Anyone have any recommendations or thoughts on this? Thank you!

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          Juli James

          Hi Amanda,


          Having an internal workspace is a good idea if you feel that you would like to keep your employees separate from all the other campaigns that you are setting up.  You don't really need to put them into a new workspace though, you could just have a separate campaigns folder and smart list set up for the employees too.  There isn't really any benefit to having them in a different workspace as the leads still still across all the workspaces. But if you have the workspace there not being used, and you want the survey completely separate then there is no harm in using it.


          Hope that made sense?



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            Takehiro Monday

            hi Amanda Zoeller

            Lead attributes(eg. email address) and activities(eg. Email was opened) are stored in the partition instead of workspace.

            I recommend to create a lead partition for employees also.

            Create a New Lead Partition - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

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                Chris Johnston

                I agree.


                Workspaces are better for keeping things separate but still use 1 lead database.


                Partitions are different databases where your leads and employees are completely separate. 

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                    Balkar Singh

                    Adding to the same, Product docs do mention that work-spaces can be complex, and it's a good practice to have a good case to use the them. An example to use them would be for a global instance involving marketing activities across various regions - or, if this needs to be for training needs of internal employees which can keep all the activity within the lead partition for employees.


                    I second all the opinions above. Besides, a campaign can have a filter on smart list to restrict the qualified leads to employees - by various ways e.g. - using email address contains <domain name>, adding in a segment for Employee


                    Hope this helps.