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    Question reg the Inferred Country

    Janani T

      If I have a new website, and want to record leads from it, can Marketo set my server’s dedicated IP address, and automatically sort lead from that IP’s country?


      For example, my server’s dedicated IP is from Singapore and another one is from US, and my website has a form to let client fill info and submit to Marketo. If the client view my sites from different places, probably they will leave message to different server. Just in a very simple way that I want to filter those information by IP. Can marketo has such function to sort leads?


      I understand that Marketo can track this info with the help of munchkin code in the field Inferred country. But the challenge what I face here is I don't see the Inferred country value getting updated or created in Marketo's Lead activity Log.


      Please help me with this.

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          Grégoire Michel

          The information is not updated nor created in the activity log, because it is captured once, before the lead is created in Marketo in fact. It is created jointly with he anonymous lead and the cookie the first time the lead visits your web site. Then it stays there.


          Just create a lead performance report and group them by inferred country, and you will get them.


          You could use that information to segment the leads and create dynamic content for instance.



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              Janani T

              Thanks Greg,

              But is there a way to capture the information of Inferred country if it keeps changing.

              We think that significant as well?

              Could you help with this?

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                  Sanford Whiteman

                  You could do lookups yourself using an IP-based service like MaxMind, then update another lead field (not the default Inferred Country field but a custom field) when there's a change detected (cookie-ing earlier results from the same browser for comparison so you don't destroy server performance with constant updates). You'd probably also want a second field to record the lead's IP-to-country history.



                  Bear in mind that IP-based geolocation, even with proprietary/enhanced database info (the "pro" version of MaxMind, for example), will always fail if someone connects via a corporate VPN and/or proxy server. So for some clients it will never be correct. And if someone visits your site while they're in transit, at a coffee shop, or on vacation, even if the country is detected "correctly" for those IPs, none of them represent an actionable location.* That's why asking the lead for their principal base of operations is the only reliable way to obtain this information.



                  *Unless you are in the travel business and the vacation IP is useful.

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