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    Informatica Email Hygiene Webhook

    Graham Dubow

      We have successfully implemented the Informatica/Marketo connector by creating a webhook that has response attributes mapped to custom Marketo fields for form submission on our websites. We would like to display helpful error handling messages on the front end of our Marketo 2.0 forms when certain email hygiene conditions are met.


      For example, if a user types in an invalid email address and we are returning an Informatica email reason code of:  301. The Informatica response of email reason code 301 indicates that the email submission was missing the @ symbol. It would be helpful if we could then display "please ensure you have the '@' symbol" on the front end of our form before submission.


      Is this possible through the Marketo Javascript API? We have tried a few methods with onValidate and onSubmit as seen below with no luck thus far.


      MktoForms2.loadForm("//app-ab07.marketo.com", "920-LJZ-738", 2151, function (form){


                        //get the values

                       var vals = form.vals();

                        //Check your condition

                        if(vals.emailReasonCode == "301"){

                          //prevent form submission


                          //Show error message, pointed at Email element

                          var EmailElem = form.getFormElem().find("#Email");

                          form.showErrorMessage("please ensure you have the '@' symbol", EmailElem);


                          //enable submission for those who met the criteria.






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          Sanford Whiteman

          If you're really using a webhook, this fires after the form is submitted. There is no possible way to signal this result in the form validation stage.


          If you actually mean you're using a client-side integration with Informatica, it absolutely can be done (that's why Etumos Verify can kick back errors to a Marketo form after real-time validation of the recipient address). You need someone who gets the interaction between remote web services and the Marketo Forms 2.0 API.  It goes without saying that there are few people with such specialization.


          Then again, if all you care about is basic email syntax errors (not validation) on the client side, you don't need to call a remote service for that!

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