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    Customize Email URL by Device Type

    Amy Bui



      Is it possible to send an email and have the URL be dynamic based on the device type they use? For example, if I sent an email out, if they open on a desktop, they would get routed to a landing page. However, if they open via mobile, they will get routed to a phone call (similar to a click to call).


      Love to know if anyone have done this before.

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Amy Bui,


          I do not think this is possible as you describe and here is why:

          • The device cannot be known until the email is opened
          • Once the email is opened, it's too late to change the URL, uless you run some code
          • This would mean running some code in the email client. And sending code in an email is one sure way to have your email classified as malware an never delivered.
          • Furthermore, even if your email was delivered, most of email clients would not run the code
          • Finally, Marketo does not have any capability to do this at email level


          So what you should consider instead is to do it at landing page level, when the page opens in a navigator, some Javascript can fire and redirect the visitor to an alternate page depending on the device type.



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            Sanford Whiteman

            Beyond what Greg notes, if you craft a responsive email so that a tel: link is shown on mobile (and hidden on desktop) and do the reverse for an http: link, you can, in effect, accomplish what you want.


            Getting this just right across mail clients will be a chore, though.  JS from a redirector page will be an easier build effort.


            One thing I don't like from the JS side is that they won't know when they click if it's a call or a pageview coming up. That could be offputting. There also may -- I did some research on this at some point but can't find it right now -- be device-specific restrictions on JS redirects to tel: vs. deliberate clicks on tel:.

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              Amy Bui

              Thank you all! I think it's a lot more effort than it's worth. Hopefully one day Marketo can create something where it is possible. I appreciate all of your responses.