Congratulations to our newest class of Champions!

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I’m pleased to announce the Winter 2017 class of Marketo Champions. Please congratulate them in the comments of this post! Check out the official announcement here! 


  • Adele Miller
  • Alex Stanton
  • Aliza Edelstein
  • Amanda Thomas
  • Ashley Ayan
  • Dan Radu
  • Danielle Balestra
  • Dayna Lessig
  • Devraj Grewal
  • Eddie Morales
  • Elena Abramova
  • Emily Dick
  • Emily Poulton
  • Emily Thornton
  • Erik Heldebro
  • Gregoire Michel
  • Jessica Kao
  • Kara Pietrykowski
  • Kelly Horton
  • Lauren Aquilino
  • Maruti Shukla
  • Michelle Miles
  • Rachel Noble
  • Sara Greaves
  • Sarah Luckow
  • Scott Daily
  • Stephen Baker
  • Tara Slover
  • Tim Lamb
  • Valerie Armstrong


Want to connect with our Champs? You can find a Champion in our Community a few ways.


  • You can see a list of our Champions in Products  by clicking ‘find experts’ on the right side under quick links. Then ‘add filter’ at the top and search by accomplishments / Champions. For a direct link to a full list of our Champions, click here.
  • Our new Expert Locator is coming out in September. This is an enhanced search functionality that will allow you to better connect with users based on criteria you select such as accomplishments like Champions, MUG Leaders, Certified Experts, expertise and location. It will even show you if a User Group is near you!
  • All Champions are also tagged with a badge next to their name.
  • Join theChampion Program group and chat with our Champs! Ask questions about the program, network and more.


Champions are Marketo's most advanced customers who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the Marketo Community and at Marketo events, are Marketo Certified Experts, are avid contributors in the social world, and are loyal advocates of the Marketo brand. If you are interested in learning more and applying, read ourRequirements & Benefits of the Champion Program and join the Champions: The Marketo Elite group. We look forward to seeing your application in the future.



Katie Pope, Senior Specialist, Customer Marketing