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    Any SFDC opportunity information available via REST?

    Matt Stone

      I'm trying to see if it's possible to pull any SFDC opportunity information via the REST API. From what I've seen it looks like there's a limited amount of SFDC information available via the API and none of it is opportunity-related. Smart list filters like "Has Opportunity" and its related constraints don't appear to be available unless you create formula fields on the lead or contact objects to mirror that data. Am I missing something or have other people found this to be the case?

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          Wyatt Bales

          Hi Matt,


          Correct, the Opportunity API is only exposed for instances that do not have a native CRM sync enabled. What is your use case for needing to call the Opportunity through Marketo instead of SFDC API?


          Most use cases where the Marketo user needs access to the Opportunity can be solved with velocity scripting which pulls back any visible fields and can cycle through Opportunities to render content in an email. Otherwise I suggest hitting Salesforce's API directly and join on a Marketo key.