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    Email trigger for nonresponders

    Katie Sharp

      I have created created a program that sends an initial email that directs to a landing page with a form. If they fill out the form, they receive a triggered email, however if they do not fill out a form, they are sent a follow up email 8 days later. The problem I am having is figuring out the smartlist and flow for the non repsonder smart campaign. How can I set it up to wait 8 days and then send the initial email given that the form was not filled out within that 8 days. Any suggestions?

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          Devraj Grewal



          You can just run a batch campaign for the non-responders:

          Smart List:

          Was sent email on 1/2/2017 (8 days ago)

          Not filled out form



          Send follow-up email


          So run the batch campaign 8 days after the initial email with the link to the form was sent. When it runs, it will look for those who were sent the email 8 days ago but have not filled out the form in order to send them the followup.

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            Wyatt Bales

            Hi Katie,


            As a best practice rule, you shouldn't send the same email to the same leads more than once. However, to accomplish what you seek (and add some additional functionality you'll need for revenue attribution), you can use Program Statuses to update people as they are Sent, Clicked, and Filled Out Form.


            You then can schedule a batch campaign 8 days from the original send date to target those who still have a 'Sent' Program Status. Since you can only have one program status at a time, it won't target any incorrect people.


            You will need a smart campaign to update the Clicked and Filled Out Form Statuses but this is very important for Program Performance and Revenue Attribution report. Here's some more info: Change Program Status - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

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                Katie Sharp

                Thanks for your response. I am not sending the same email, the second email is a follow up if they haven't filled out a form after 8 days. If they have filled out the form, an autoresponder is sent to them (just to clarify). Given what you've said, is there any way to run this as a trigger campaign rather than a batch?