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    Customizing one Thank You page URL

    Andrew Handel

      I have a ferw Landing Pages setup, each with Thank You pages that display upon submission.

      I know how to change ALL Landing Page URL's but I have a few different business segments that these landing pages below to and I only need to change the URL to one of the Thank You pages which currently displays the Fallback URL.

      Do I need to insert a token somewhere to change the URL to display something else?

      Where would I go to change this URL display?


      Please let me know and I appreciate any and all feedback!


      -- ANH

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          Devraj Grewal



          You can click on the landing page asset and click on "Landing Page Actions" > "URL Tools" > "Edit URL Settings". From there you have the option to change the URL and to either keep or throw away the existing one.

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              Andrew Handel

              Hi Devraj,


              So I know how to change that Landing Page URL, it's the connected Thank You page that is giving me trouble. Somehow, I need to give the Thank You page a shorter name.


              For instance, the Thank You page is www.marketingsource.marketing-ThankYou_Toy.com -- This is the default website URL in the main settings.

              I want it to read www.usa-marketing.ThankYou.com

              The way you mentioned only lets me change the back-half of the URL from "ThankYou" on. I need the stem of the URL changed too.


              Do you know the workflow to replace the entire URL?