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    Issues With Forms and Drupal

      Hi everyone,


      We are launching a new website that is on Drupal and trying to get our forms working properly. We've run into two issues with known leads:


      1) When using SOAP API and submitting as a Drupal form, we lose the ability to track this as "filled out form." Instead, in the activity log it just says "merged." This is a big problem for us as we rely on "filled out form" for a lot of campaign triggers and reporting.


      2) When using forms 2.0, we've lost the ability to track webpage visits via the Munchkin code. For some reason, something is being lost... when testing, we'll have a known lead fill out the form. This works fine, and Marketo is logging this as "filled out form" which is great but will not track any pages visited afterwards. This seems odd to me as this function works when using SOAP and also works on our current website, so I'm not sure what could be causing the leads to not be tracked. Website tracking is working for anonymous leads as well, the problem is after they fill out the form and become known.


      If anyone has any experience with Drupal, forms, either SOAP or 2.0 and has any ideas what we might be running into I would greatly appreciate your insight!