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    Get Members of Smart List via API

      I've been looking through the developer documentation and found information around accessing members of static lists, among other things, but nothing surrounding smart list membership.


      Does anybody have any experience with this and know how to make this possible?



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          Wyatt Bales

          Hi Jeffrey,


          Smart list is not currently an object which membership can be queried through the API. If you are wanting a bring back a list of qualified leads, I suggest using a smart campaign to add members to a program and use the GET /rest/v1/leads/programs/{programId}.json. It will accomplish the same task you seek and give you flexibility on additional qualifiers unlike a static list (e.g. program tag).

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              Thanks Wyatt,


              I did consider program membership to accomplish this, and I appreciate the suggestion!


              Context: I have two smart lists - one of leads acquired in the last 7 days, and one with leads that were updated (any data value) in the last 7 days. What I'm thinking I'll have to do is have a series of Smart Campaigns whose sole job is to listen for membership of these smart lists, and then add or remove them from static lists when criteria changes.


              We're going to be using this information to feed into a non-integrated CRM, so that's why we're looking into using the API for this.