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    Marketo/Salesforce Sync Issues

      We have been issuing a recurring issue where our Salesforce and our Marketo have perpetually been out of sync. We have followed the online instructions of how to create a sync, but have been running into issues. The number one issue that we have is we don't know how to test/validate that our systems are in sync.


      What is the best way, if we feel that our Salesforce and Marketo are out of sync, to run a test/diagnostic to validate if they are or are not in sync?




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          Grégoire Michel

          Hello Mark,


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          Read Getting the most of the community when you have a Marketo question 


          • The first place to look at is the admin -> salesforce. A the top right corner, you should see the sync starting, running for a few minutes, then stopping, pausing for about 5 minutes and starting again.
          • The you need to look at the "Notifications" screen accessible from the top of your screen. If anything blocks some syncs, it will show there
          • Once this is cleared, you will have to start drilling down to records you think are out of sync and look into their activity logs to see if anything weird happens.
          • A few tests tests you can run:
            • Create a lead in Marketo, then run a "sync to Salesforce" flow step manually on it and see in the log what's happen.
            • Then update that lead and check that the corresponding SFDC lead is updated on next sync.
            • Create a dummy lead in SFDC, wait until is shows up in Marketo. Count the time it takes (Look at the create date in both systems).
            • Create a dummy contact in SFDC, and do the same
            • Update these leads and contacts in SFDC, check that these are reflected in Marketo
            • Update them in Marketo, and see that it's reflected in SFDC


          If all this runs smoothly, the problem might well be elsewher. But you need to be a little more precise in your symptoms that "we feel it's out of sync "