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    Editing Form Template

    Amanda Zoeller

      Good morning,


      Currently we are using the Form Editor 2.0, I know there are no form "templates" like landing pages but I wanted to edit the fields in the form. Everytime we create a new form we have to always add the same 2 fields, to save time I wanted to just add those fields to the "template".


      Im sure this is an easy fix but I just cannot find anything around it in the community or product docs.


      Thank you!

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          Sanford Whiteman

          Please move the thread to Products as it's product-specific. ('Central is supposed to be for questions about the marketing discipline generally.)


          Unfortunately, your confidence is misplaced. There's no way, short of using the API, to change the form defaults. Of course, you can clone from a form you call a "template" the first time (but changes won't be reflected later). Having as few forms as possible is recommended, and you can easily hide some form fields from a superset (as opposed to adding new fields at the page level) depending on the page hosting a form.