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    What are the Best Practices for Creating Influencial Subject Lines?

      Hello Marketo Community...


      I am a relatively new Marketo user and now feel fairly comfortable creating email campaigns.  Now that I have the mechanics down, I am trying to improve my success rates.  Can anyone share with me some best practices on how to develop strong subject lines that will drive open rates?  Tips, tricks and best practices on what type of content will drive customers to click on links, fill out forms, etc... to influence them to action?  This information may already be out there in the community, as I'm sure I'm not the first to ask this question, but I also don't know how to find information in or use the Marketo Community.  This is my first question .


      We are a B2B manufacturer with a well defined customer base.  Our challenge is that we are the smallest competitor in the market place and are trying to slay the giant!


      I'd love to hear from anyone who has advice, suggestions or even recommended readings that will help me be more successful with Marketo.


      Thanks in advance for any feedback and help!