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    Leads exhausted due to change in Stream cadence

    mandeepp Singh

      Hi There,


      This is going to be bit tricky but i hope you can answer my question here.

      We have a single stream in an engagement program with three briefcase program in it using smart campaign to send out the email.

      Now we sent out the first email to couple of leads on 7th December and cadence set to 1st of every month(some leads were paused).


      On 15th December we unpaused some leads in the EP but sent out the first email to them only, blocking the other leads who were supposed to receive the second email(I used criteria in the smart list of the campaign that email should not go out to the leads who have already received the email 1,the criteria was removed after this send). As we were not able to change the cadence without changing the first cast so we changed it to 15th and set the new cadence to 3rd of every month before sending the email and turned off the EP due to holidays after the send.


      Now on 4th Jan, we unpaused some more leads and sent them the first email(again not able to change the cadence without changing the first cast so we changed the first cast to 4th).


      Now what has happened is that on 7th,15th Dec and 4th Jan the first email goes out fine to all the leads but the leads that received the first email on 7th didn't get the second email on 4th (remember we blocked them in 15th send but later removed the criteria) and are now exhausted.


      I wanted to know why they are exhausted? Isn't that they still should be in the second send but rather they skipped the second email and then for the third they were blocked.

      Does anybody has the time to solve this complication?

      I have attached a screenshot of Marketo engagement program.


      Best Regards,


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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Mandeep,


          You are getting no answer because you posted this question in the wrong place. The Champion program group is about the champion program. Your question should be posted to products. I recommend you move it there


          Now, I am not really sure I understand the problem you are facing, but a thing you need to remember is that using additional filters in the smart campaign in the program is not the right way to prevent a content to be sent, because the engagement program will still call the smart campaign an count it as a sent with regards to the exhaustion. This may explain your problem.