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    Email retargeting


      I was wondering whether anyone has used a pixel image in an email to do retargeting. Is this possible in Marketo?  I did a search on Product Docs and Community but could not find an answer.

      Thank you.

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Jennifer,


          What do you mean by a pixel image?

          1. Is it to detect open actions and address something else to non open? then Marketo already tracks this automatically.
          2. Is it from a third party retargeting platform? then Yes, this has been done many times and is quite straightforward.


          For the second approach, either you have a email text zone at the very bottom in which you can add the pixel image or you just add it to any text zone in the email.


          If you want to use different values based on email address, then you will have create a specific dedicated field in Marketo, use that field as a token in your email (<img src="{{lead.imagepixelfield}}">) and upload that field through import or with a webhook. It can also be a program token, in which case the pixel image will be the same for all addressees.



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