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    Marketing Specialist - Atlanta GA

      Position Title: Marketing Specialist

      Reports to: VP of Operations


      The Marketing Specialist will be responsible for executing the all customer and prospect marketing materials while managing daily work flow of relevant projects.


      • Create all branded materials to maintain consistency across all marketing channels.
      • Optimize website design, content, and user experience in with SEO in mind.
        • Create or redesign pages on the Wordpress platform.
      • Develop the strategy and the creative for all direct marketing projects.
        • Email: Implement and analyze new email programs to engage new customers and increase customer retention at the end of their loan term. Develop custom outreach for lead segments to create personalized approach.
        • PPC: Track and analyze ads in Adwords, Adroll, and on social media platforms to maximize ROI.
        • Social Media: Direct vision for all platforms and assist current coordinator in some implementation.
        • Content: Develop content strategy, and work with writers and designers on execution. Use final product in appropriate channels and analyze ROI.
      • Maintain Marketo lead scoring, revenue cycle modeler, design templates, and marketing programs. Analyze ongoing campaigns to create better lead conversion.
      • Collaborate with Sales, Business Development/Partnerships, and Investor Relations teams to construct marketing materials and presentations.


      Please see attachment for complete description and application instructions.

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          Umesh Sondhi

          Hi Christine,


          We are a global Sales and Marketing outsourced provider based out of India. Would your organization be interested in working with someone remote? We have certified resources who can work real time for you and that you could utilize for your above needs in a staff augmentation capacity. Also, We have the complete capabilities as a one stop shop for you as we have teams for Digital Marketing, Design, Content and Marketo.


          If this sparks your interest, please feel free to reach out to me @ umeshs@grazitti.com


          Best, Regards

          Umesh Sondhi