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Excited to finaly lauch CalcitNow and SMOps Soft!

Discussion created by Diederik Martens Expert on Jan 4, 2017

Logo-SMOps-Software-PSD-v2-400x160.jpgMany of you know that I was working hard to set up a software company.
As of today SMOps Software is open for business!
So I'm very excited to promote the first solutions to the Dutch user group first ;-)


Calcitnow-Logo-WhiteBG-253x55.pngThe first solution to be offered is CalcItNow.com. It enables you to make field formula calculations. It doesn't use a server-intensive webhook, but the ReST API. This native integration makes it unique. You can now store the 'days-to-nurture-success' or deduct 10% of the lead score for every month of in-activity (Marketo only allows '+' or '-'). And there are many more scenarios where you would want to use field formulas. For more information check http://www.smops-soft.com/calcitnow.


Logo-Transparant-227x64.pngThe second solution is also almost ready to launch. VerifyThisEmail.com (* link doesn't show yet) allows you to verify email addresses before sending an email to it. This significantly reduces your bounces. This in turn has an impact on your sender reputation. This in turn reduces to risk of your emails ending up in spam folders. SMOps Soft is not the only to provide this service, BUT is the only one with a native Marketo integration! Some do offer you to connect with a Webhook, but the Marketo webhook is not designed for more than hundreds of calls. Secondly you would need to map the results, create new fields, etc. VerifyThisEmail has a native ReST integration. This automatically picks up new leads or updated email addresses. It will verify it and write the results to EmailInvalid and EmailInvalidReason. But you can also simply indicate which fields it should use. I can let you know more about VerifyThisEmail in a few weeks after testing and final revisions are completed.


There are many more solutions being worked on and on the roadmapf or the first two quarters of 2017. From channel partner interfaces, to mysql connectors, to demand waterfall reporting. Some solutions are new and unique. Others will be competing with existing solutions. But all SMOps Soft solutions can be managed from a single account! This means only 1 tool to learn, 1 company to send you invoices, 1 user account and pasword (per user in your company), single sign-on, etc.


marketo-launchpoint-badge.jpgP.s. SMOps Software is an official Marketo Lauchpoint Partner!