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    Cannot locate the email background color in a template

    Eric Beiter

      Once again, I'm attempting to update the background color in the email template Urbanista, but cannot locate the grey color in the code.  I thought it was <meta class="mktoColor" id="emailBackgroundColor" mktoname="Email Background Color" default="#eeeeee" /> , but when I changed the #eeeeee to something else, it didn't change the background. I then changed any reference to background color, but that didn't help either. I would post the entire code, but it's 700+ lines. Any thoughts?

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Eric,


          the global variable "emailBackgroundColor" sets the color of the email body. Then each module will have it's own background color that you will have to set separately.


          As the template has been developped before the "MktoModulescope" variable was made to work, each variable is set as a global variables, even when they are used in 1 module and these variables are then replicated for each module. As a result, there are tens of "Background Color" variables in the template