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    Question: Switching from SFDC Enterprise to Professional - Impact to Marketo?

      My company is considering downgrading our SFDC license from Enterprise to Professional. Obviously, this change will impact any automation we've built in Salesforce, along with a few custom SFDC profile settings, etc. But is there any impact to how Marketo communicates with Salesforce if we move forward with the downgrade? Eg. Will we lose any field sync capabilities? Will we have to reconfigure or set up the sync again (especially considering that the setup steps are different for Professional vs. Enterprise)? Any advice is much appreciated!

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Kristen,


          1. Usually, from my experiences, Salesforce does not allow this without changing the SFDC instance. This means that you will also have to migrate your Marketo instance. A huge work sometimes, will all the programs to be migrating. And a huge loss of data since Marketo activity logs cannot be migrated.
          2. If point 1 above is not valid and/or you still decide to proceed, pay attention to the fact that you need to purchase the API option with the SFDC Pro (since, SFDC API in not included in the Pro edition, unlike the Enterprise)
          3. Beyond these 2 points, the main issue might be that you will want to make sure that all the fields that are supposed to sync between Marketo and SFDC are included in page layouts (since, in the Pro edition, fields that are non visible to endusers are considered as simply non accessible).
          4. You also will  have to pay attention to any advanced feature that you may use to process data in the background such as APEX triggers, flows and process builders, as the 3 features will be gone with the Enterprise Edition.
          5. MSI Package remains the same, but as the number of page layouts and profiles are limited with the Pro Edition, (unless you keep some a) you may end up with granting MSI access to everyone in the org, inducing an increase in the cost of Marketo licences.



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