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    Dynamic Map (or other Address) Snippet

    Michael Loop

      Hi there,


      Has anyone ever populated a Marketo email with a snippet or section that can be made dynamic by an address field?


      I'm looking to build a dynamic map which shows the US and then lays points of interest on the map dynamic to the addresses or zip codes found in the field.


      Similar to this:



      Thanks for any tips!

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          Justin Cooperman

          The only way to do this would be to have a web-based service that took in query string parameters (like zip code, for example) and then generated an image dynamically when requested. This would allow you to, in a Marketo email, insert an <img> element in your email with a dynamic "src" value like <img src="http://myimageservice.com/showUSmapwithdots?zip1={{lead.zip1}}&zip2={{lead.zip2}}" >

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            Juli James



            I've never done it using an address field, but by using segmentations based on country.  Could you build similar segmentation based on location/city etc?  It might take a little while to out but once its done it will be easy to manage?





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              Sanford Whiteman

              Following on from Justin: the objective doesn't relate to Marketo, really.


              The question is whether you have a service that can generate the static image you want based on a simple HTTP GET from an <IMG> tag (i.e. non-JavaScript-assisted, since emails can't run scripts).


              In general such concepts are widespread (we use LiquidPixels, for example, for dynamic product images) and surely there's a GIS/mapping service that can do this. Even if there's not a direct <IMG> server available, with so many mapping APIs out there, you can build your own (compositing dynamic widgets with a preset map of the US is easy for a developer).


              Alternately, you could call a webhook to pre-generate images and populate a URL field on the lead (this would be notably faster at open time, esp. if you're building your own image server and the server isn't equipped for massive real-time traffic).. Though still basically the same idea on the back end.

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                Michael Loop

                Thanks for the responses all.  I agree Sanford.  That's the route we were thinking of going down.  Just wanted to pose to the community to see if there were any pre-built widgets or experiences to leverage. 


                We'll let you know how we go.