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    How does a wait step affect an Engagement Program?

    Autumn Mahoney

      I want to put a program with a 7-day wait step within an engagement program.



      If the prospect is Paused while in the wait step at day 3, and then UnPaused on day 5, what happens?

      Is it day 4 for them? or is it day 5? Or are they booted from that Program entirely upon Pause?



      If the Prospect qualifies to transition to another stream, while in the wait step, do they finish the flow of that program they started or are they moved into the next stream immediately?



      If something triggers the Prospect to be removed from the Engagement Program, while in the wait step, do they finish the flow of the program or are they removed from the program immediately?


      A thought - if I want them to not finish the flow, should I put "remove from flow" in the transition or smart campaign rules that effect this?

      And for 1. I could remove from flow and from the program so that they could go into that program again, right?



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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Autumn,



          Once the lead has been sent to a smart campaign in a cast, what happens within the smart campaign is totally ignored by the stream. So the stream logic (next cast, paused leads, stream change on transitions) will continue totally independently from potential waits in the smart campaign. So:

          1. pauses in the streams are totally ignored by the wait in the smart campaign flows. both will occur independently.
          2. Leads will transition to the next stream but the flow will continue after the wait ends
          3. Leads will finish the flow


          So at the end of the day, I am not sure that this will be very manageable


          I would rather not use an engagement program in such a situation, but use smart campaigns that call each other with a "campaign is requested" trigger and "request campaign" flow step, together with static lists to manage pauses.



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