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    Marketo / Event Management Integration

    Allison Schoner

      My company is heavy with events and we are trying to boost the ease of events. We are currently doing:


      1. Webinars

      2. Sponsored Events

      3. Tradeshows

      4. Visual Events (possibly)


      I am looking for something that has the ability to have complex registration pages and an easy integration with Marketo. Does anyone have a product they love using?

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          Justin Cooperman

          Derek Fung - can you take a look at this?

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            Josh Hill

            If you need complex pages such as running your own Tradeshow with multiple rooms and sessions, you need to use Cvent or similar tool.


            Not sure what you mean by Sponsored, but that's probably independent of the registration and management function.


            If you need payment, cvent, eventbrite, or others can help you work that out with Finance.


            Webinars - depends on your scale and needs. I prefer GTW.


            Please see launchpoint.marketo.com for other known integrators.


            I suggest listing out your needs more clearly in preparation for an RFP. We did this exercise recently and discovered Marketo did everything we needed using the Tradeshow/Roadshow programs we built. All we really needed were better landing pages. Now, we did have other needs that did require a Marketo partner, but that was not event related in the end.

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              We also use Go To Webinar at this time and did about 200 webinars this year with it.


              One of the main cons was the lack of integration of the poll question data. However, we have worked with Leadonance to bring that data into Marketo and then push to Salesforce as Interesting Moments, which has been great!


              Let me know if you want to connect to discuss the pros and cons we see with Go To Webinar.

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